We recognize that each estate planning client has unique needs and does not fit into the same estate planning mold.  In specifically tailoring our estate plans to the individual client, we strive to look at the full range of possibilities: the expected, the unexpected, the traditional and the unique. In doing so, we help clients create and execute effective strategies for protecting themselves, their loved ones, and their investments.  

For our probate and trust administration clients, we realize that the process is often foreign and overwhelming to them and clients are usually trying to deal with the process during a very emotional and stressful time.  Our goal is to alleviate as much of the worry and hassle as possible. We will we will walk you through the entire administration process and provide constant communication as to the status. Our job is to make your job as the trustee/executor/personal representative as easy as possible and if we’re not doing that, we want you to tell us.